First Blog Day

I’m not real sure I want to start a blog, but I have thought about it before.  Why would a blog appeal to me?  I have few close friends and therefore don’t discuss the things in my head and heart often.  Sometimes, I would just like to VENT without putting personal stuff on Facebook, or talking to someone you aren’t really sure you trust about your private thoughts.  I think I like the anonymity of a blog…venting without family or friends ever seeing you.  No family blow-ups because you said something that may or may not have been true about another person, but you avoid offending anyone.  Maybe it would make me feel better to just say it sometimes.  And maybe it is just my opinion.  My goal is to be truthful, but I find that we fool ourselves sometimes.  We are less than honest in our opinions of ourselves, our goals, our motivations.  Probably the only guileless people in the world are those who have some accepted handicap that prevents them from being as deceptive as the rest of us.  I suppose in some ways they are more God’s children because of their honesty.

I tried to choose several other blog names first, but they were all taken.  Who knew how many crazy ladies there are out there?  I love most animals and care for the neighborhood ferals.  I own my own cats as well, plus a fish and a blind dog.  I’ll introduce you to all of them eventually because that is what I think and talk about a lot of times.  But, I’ll start my blog with an example of one of those thoughts I should have kept to myself.

When mail comes into the house, it typically gets sorted according to whose it is.  I am not normally the one taking it from the box, because I am rarely expecting anything.  My “significant other” leaves my mail on the table beside the couch (really a large plastic tub I use for a table, since we are being honest).  In addition to being a crazy cat lady and a crazy mom, I am also the crazy hoarder.  Anyway, I digress.  So, I have my stack of mail, my other half has his, and my grown son has his stack of mail.  I hate to use personal names at this point because I may covet the anonymity and regret it later.  So, my other half starts picking up my mail on the tub and going through it.  I asked, “What are you looking for?”  He replies, “Why are you being so nosey?”  I am staring at him looking through my stacks of mail and thinking to myself, “How ironic that you are calling me nosey as you go through my mail.”  I am not going through his mail, in which case I might really BE nosey.  I almost posted on facebook concerning the irony of it, which amazed me.  Yet, I knew that my “other’s” family would be able to guess who did that, even if I tried to hide it, and I don’t like that since he is not on Facebook and can’t defend himself.  Plus, he might be shocked the next time we go on vacation and someone in his family might say something to him.  So, even though I felt compelled to express the irony, I did not.

Thoughts I should have kept to myself.